Helping the Elmbridge Family Centre to support local families

Walton Charity Delegated Funds are held by twelve local organisations who work directly with local Elmbridge residents on low incomes. The Funds can be particularly helpful during times of crisis or financial hardship but, used flexibly and creatively, they can help to find a route out of poverty.

One of our Delegated Fund holders, the Elmbridge Family Centre, provide support to families with children aged 0-11 years. Recently their Senior Family Support Worker, Katie Vinnicombe, shared some stories of local families helped through the Delegated Fund.

Lisa’s story

Lisa was recently referred to Elmbridge Family Centre for help. She’s a single mum who left her job working for a school catering company at the end of August. She had accepted a job with another company and was due to start on 1st September but, due to a delay in her DBS check, Lisa was unable to start her new job on the planned date. Using the Walton Charity Delegated Fund, the Elmbridge Family Centre could provide gas and electricity vouchers to help Lisa through her short-term crisis.

Clare’s story

Clare had heard about the Elmbridge Family Centre and approached them for help when she was struggling with her son’s behaviour. He had been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Clare was forced to give up work to home school him while the family waited for a place at a specialist school.

To add to the pressure facing the family, Clare’s husband lost his job during the Covid pandemic. Due to benefit delays, the family had accrued mortgage and utility bill arrears and were struggling to cover everyday costs. As soon as Harry was allocated a place at a specialist school, the Elmbridge Family Centre funded a new school uniform for both Harry and his sibling, taking some of the financial pressure off the family.

The Delegated Fund allows us to make some, often very quick, judgement calls on helping a family when they can see no other way to get support……..We can support them quickly, taking additional pressure off the family.
— Katie Vinnicombe
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