New research into the changing picture of poverty in Elmbridge

As an organisation working in and for Elmbridge, we want to understand more about poverty in our borough: who is affected and how has this changed in recent years? What drives poverty locally and what are the consequences for people living in poverty?

We have commissioned New Economics Foundation (NEF) to build an up-to-date picture of poverty in Elmbridge and look at ways we can work with our partners and our local community to make Elmbridge a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Daniel Button, Senior Researcher at NEF, will lead the research:

“Elmbridge is known to be a pleasant place to live, but it also has its hidden challenges. In a previous report we produced for Walton Charity, we found that there were pockets of deprivation in the area that often go unnoticed and a wide pay gap between those at the top and bottom of the income spectrum. This has a number of consequences for those on low incomes, not least on the cost of living.

“The cost of living is getting a lot of attention at the moment due to rising energy prices. Yet we’ve been seeing a crisis of living standards for some time. In 2018/19, 3 in 10 people were already living in a household that did not earn enough to reach what the public think is a socially acceptable minimum standard of living. The impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic have accelerated the living standards crisis, and the impending energy price crisis is likely to make things worse.

“This research will help us to understand how these national trends play out in a place like Elmbridge, and how things have changed since we last worked here. It will enable us to pinpoint who is affected by poverty and low income, so that Walton Charity and its partners can effectively target key issues, ensuring that Elmbridge is a good place to live for all.”

To find out more about the research and opportunities to get involved, email Louise Elliott

Janette ButlerComment