Grants for Schools

Walton Charity awards grants and funding to local schools to support disadvantaged pupils with learning and other enrichment activities.

Community grants

Our Community Grants can be used to fund:

  • IT hardware for disadvantaged students.

  • support for disadvantaged children affected by the pandemic, ensuring they are ready to learn. 

  • catch-up and early years interventions in local nurseries and schools with high numbers of disadvantaged children

  • mental health support for children and young people most affected by COVID-19.

Find out more about our Community Grants programme or download our Funding Guidelines.

Opportunities Funds

We also provide Opportunties Funds to local schools to support students from low income families, including those eligible for Pupil Premium support.

These funds can be used for:

  • School uniforms, school shoes, low-cost equipment or one-off travel expenses.

  • Contributions towards school trips and activities which pupils would not otherwise experience.

  • Extra-curricular activities based at the school.

  • Breakfast or after-school clubs for a limited time (for families in urgent need of support).

  • Counselling or therapy sessions within the school.

For more information about funding for schools, or to discuss a potential grant application, contact Caroline on 07359 018643 or email cdavies@waltoncharity.org.uk

The NELI programme will significantly accelerate the development of vocabulary, narrative skills, active listening and phonological awareness in some of our most vulnerable pupils and help them to feel successful in school. We are so grateful for the Walton Charity grant to support this programme.
— Dan Sonley, Headteacher of Walton Oak Primary School