Sally’s story

It was very stressful trying to home school three children without a computer.

Lockdowns and school closures put immense pressure on families during the Covid crisis, with parents suddenly finding themselves thrown into the new role of ‘home school teacher’. Although local mum, Sally, had some experience under her belt with her eldest son, having all her kids at home was proving tough.

“I already home schooled my eldest son so I was used to creating a good routine for learning at home but suddenly supporting all the children at once was a huge challenge.”

Sally had just one computer which her eldest son needed for his schooling. This left her three primary aged children with only her phone to try and access lessons and worksheets.

Walton Charity launched a ‘Computers for Kids’ appeal at the end of 2020 to raise funds for families like Sally’s to be provided with computers and internet access for home learning. Through Walton Oak school, Sally received a Chromebook laptop allowing her children to access the remote learning lessons provided by their teachers.

“Although it didn’t make up for time away from their friends, joining live lessons allowed the children to stay connected to their classmates while schools were shut.”

For Sally, it was invaluable to have the IT equipment to allow her family to keep on track with their learning.

“Receiving the new Chromebook saved my life!”

The Walton Charity ‘Computers for Kids’ appeal has been generously supported by local businesses and individuals and we have been able to provide 57 laptops and internet connection to local children so they can access their schoolwork remotely.