Opportunities Funds for Schools

Walton Charity Opportunities Funds are allocated to local schools to support children and young people with learning and other enrichment activities. We believe schools know their students and families best and can act quickly to provide support where it is needed most.

The funds are restricted to students from low income families, including those eligible for Pupil Premium support.

 Funding can be used for:

  • School uniforms, school shoes, low-cost equipment or one-off travel expenses.

  • Contributions towards school trips and activities which pupils would not otherwise experience.

  • Extra-curricular activities based at the school.

  • Breakfast or after-school clubs for a limited time (for families in urgent need of support).

  • Counselling or therapy sessions within the school.

Does my school have an Opportunities Fund?

The following schools and colleges currently hold an Opportunities Fund. Talk to your school’s Home School Link Worker or office to see how they can help. If your school isn’t listed below, contact Amina on 07935 218699.

  • Bell Farm Primary School

  • Brooklands College

  • Burhill Primary School

  • Chandlers Field Primary School

  • Cobham Free Primary and Secondary Schools

  • Cranmere Primary School

  • Esher Church of England High School

  • Grovelands Primary School

  • Heathside Walton on Thames Secondary School

  • Hinchley Wood Primary School

  • Hurst Park Primary School

  • North East Surrey Short Stay School

  • St James C of E Primary School

  • Three Rivers Academy

  • Walton Oak Primary School