Karen’s story

Asking for help once in a while is nothing to be ashamed of. We all need an extra hand.
Karen's Story.jpeg

At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Karen was made redundant and, having been asked to leave her boyfriend’s home, she was then faced with the possibility of homelessness.

“Money was tight… I had no savings”

Even though she found herself in a desperate situation, asking for help wasn’t easy for Karen, who suffers with anxiety.

 “I'm the kind of person that thinks I can do everything myself and have trouble asking for help because I feel if I do, I’m not as independent as I think I am.  This situation made my anxiety worse and left me feeling helpless. I didn't know what options I had or if I could get any help. “

Karen eventually reached out to St Peter’s Church, one of 11 partner organisations who receive delegated funds from Walton Charity enabling them to quickly, flexibly and discreetly allocate emergency grants to local people in need.  

“I couldn't afford to pay for the upfront deposit, rent and my living costs. If it wasn’t for Walton Charity, I wouldn’t have a place to live. They provided the money I needed to have a place to stay, which helped my anxiety.”

Today Karen is working full-time in a care home and remains thankful that she found the courage to seek help during her crisis.

“Asking for help once in a while is nothing to be ashamed of. We all need an extra hand. Having charities like Walton Charity is a blessing.”

Walton Charity works with partner organisations across Elmbridge helping residents on low incomes, particularly during times of crisis or significant stress.  We provide delegated funds that our partners can use flexibly and creatively to tackle both the immediate symptoms of poverty and to help individuals and families find a route out of poverty.