Addressing isolation and loneliness


We support projects that encourage social interaction and help people feel more connected to their community.

Our Community Allotment enables people who feel isolated due to physical or mental health conditions to take part in regular activities. Many of our community grants address social isolation among older people in Elmbridge.

In 2020/21

33 people took part in our Community Allotment and Woodlands projects. 100% of participants said they felt less isolated.

5 community grants helped local organisations tackling social isolation during COVID-19.

2 delegated funds helped provide extra support for families with young children or those caring for older relatives during lockdown.

Walton Charity Sheltered Housing.jpg
CHEER had to operate very differently during the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant from Walton Charity enabled us to update our IT systems so that our team could continue providing a lifeline to older people struggling with social isolation
— Julian Mobbs, Chair of Trustees for CHEER

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