Helping to Solve the Parenting Puzzle

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As part of our commitment to supporting children and young people in Elmbridge, we were delighted to award a Community Grant of over £22,000 to The Wellbeing Supervisor, who will deliver ‘Parenting Puzzle’ courses to benefit 120 parents or carers and 240 Elmbridge children over a three-year period.

Parenting Puzzle is a supportive, non-judgmental programme consisting of 10 two-hour sessions for parents or carers, packed with a variety of activities and strategies designed to boost parents’ confidence.

The use of peer-to-peer support means parents and carers work together to support each other and their children. It provides participants with techniques to manage challenging behaviour and improve communication, enabling them to build a stronger relationship with their children.

Michelle Tucker has been running the programme for more than 10 years and has boosted the health and wellbeing of many local families. One family described the programme as “life changing.”

Thank you for the fabulous course you provided, it was really enlightening. The ambiance was so comfortable and natural, I felt totally at home. It’s a comfort to know that so many if not all parents are having similar struggles.
— A local parent
Louise ElliottComment