Our Ethical Positioning Statement

Walton Charity holds strong values as a forward-thinking, influential and independent organisation. We recognise the importance of our long-standing position in the community and have carefully considered our ethical position and the social impact of our activities.

The reputation of Walton Charity is dependent on effective operation and commitment to high standards of integrity and ethical practices in all areas of our work.

We are focused on exclusionary screening and positive impact investment. We seek to avoid investment in, or work with, certain sectors and businesses practices and instead, further our aims and objectives by focusing on environmental, financial and social activities that positively benefit our community.

We are committed to remaining a living wage employer and funder, and we will support our contractors, suppliers and partners in becoming living wage employers.

Walton Charity stands against all forms of inequality, injustice and discrimination, and has developed a separate diversity, equality and inclusion statement and action plan. Read more about our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

We manage a wide range of activities, properties and contractors and recognise the importance of our environmental impact. We will take steps to reduce our carbon footprint, especially to support our agenda to address inequalities. Our longer-term aim is to become carbon neutral, noting the external dependencies in achieving this aim.

As Walton Charity increases its income-generating activities, we remain committed to the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice. We will continue to be transparent, candid and respectful in all aspects of our fundraising work.