Emily’s Story

The chair has greatly improved our mum’s quality of life
— Emily's daughter

Emily, 89, lives with her family in West Molesey, who are her full-time carers. She suffers from Parkinson’s disease, which makes her extremely unsteady on her feet.

Emily was confined to her bed most of the day because she didn’t have a suitable chair to sit on. When sitting in a standard chair, she often slid off and fell on the floor.

Her Occupational Therapist referred her to Walsingham Care for help to buy a specialist chair - a cost her family would struggle to cover.

The chair has greatly improved Emily’s quality of life. She can now sit up and interact easily, and her family doesn’t have to worry about the risk of her falling.

“The chair has greatly improved our mum’s quality of life.”

Walsingham Care is one of 13 local organisations to hold a Walton Charity Delegated Fund. Through the fund, they can of provide financial support to people over 60 on low incomes who are suffering from long-term ill health, disability or terminal illness.