Chloe’s story

Struggling to settle into her new school, Chloe joined a dance group which helped her to meet other students with a similar interest and make new friends.

Chloe lives with her mum and older sister. Recently the family have moved to Elmbridge - a completely new area for them - due to a history of domestic abuse. She found the transition to her new school difficult and struggled to build new relationships.

Chloe’s school is one of 14 local schools who hold a Walton Charity Opportunities Fund. Using the Fund, the school could cover the cost of dance sessions for Chloe which have really helped her to settle in and build her confidence and self esteem.

Walton Charity Opportunities Funds are awarded to local Elmbridge schools to support children and young people from low income families with learning and other enrichment activities. We believe that schools know their students best and can act quickly to provide support to families who need it most.