Mike’s story

Without the Walton Charity Covid-19 response fund, I am not sure what would have happened to this already stressed family.
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Mike and his partner Catherine have two children, one of whom is disabled. Mike recently set up his own business and is proud to have always been able to provide for his family, never requiring outside help.

When the first lockdown started Mike’s business could no longer operate. Although he was able to furlough his staff, he was self-employed and the business was less than 3 years old, so he wasn’t eligible for government support. At the same time, his partner, Catherine, was admitted to hospital with severe mental health issues and Mike was left alone to look after his two young children with no family income.

Mike was reluctant to ask for help, but Katie from the local Elmbridge Family Centre had built up a good relationship with the family and was able to support Mike and his family using a grant from Walton Charity’s Covid-19 Response Fund. Shopping vouchers and food parcels along with activities for the family were provided which Katie says was critical to to helping the family through this exceptionally challenging period.

“If we had not had access to the Walton Charity Covid-19 response funds, I am not sure what would have happened to this already stressed family.”

Mike was incredibly grateful for the support provided during lockdown saying it was lovely to feel ‘normal’ and go shopping with a gift card to choose what they wanted to buy.

As lockdown eased, Mike was able start up his business again enabling him to rebuild the family finances and help look to a brighter future.

The Walton Charity Covid-19 Response Fund was set up during the first lockdown to help local families hit hardest by the pandemic. Walton Charity matched every £1 donated by an individual or business and the fund raised over £80,000. We have worked with local partners to identify those most in need and supported families with essentials like food, gas and electricity and school uniforms.