Alan’s story

Alan served in the Army for 7 years before leaving and settling down with his partner and their daughter.

Struggling with untreated Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Alan’s relationship broke down and he had to leave his family home. He felt lost and found himself sofa surfing while trying to find work.

He moved north to take a job as a labourer but wanted to return to Elmbridge to be close to his daughter. With nowhere to stay, Alan ended up sleeping rough.

He got in touch with local homeless and housing charity Rentstart who were able to offer Alan a space in one of their properties, giving him stability and somewhere to call home.

He has since sought help with his PTSD and found work nearby as a labourer. Funding from Walton Charity’s Delegated Fund will help Alan to cover travel costs to and from work until he gets back on his feet.

Walton Charity Delegated Funds are awarded to local partners like Rentstart who work directly with people and families in Elmbridge, particularly during times of crisis or financial hardship. They can be used flexibly to tackle both the immediate symptoms of poverty but also to help individuals and families find a route out of poverty.