Ahlam’s story

Ahlam fled Syria with her family in late 2015 and settled in Elmbridge. She and her husband Basam have three young children aged 9, 4 and 2 years. 

Ahlam has been taking English lessons with a volunteer at Elmbridge CAN for the past couple of years but still lacks confidence. She hopes to become a nursery assistant but needs to improve her spoken English before she can look for jobs.  

Using our delegated fund, Elmbridge CAN has been able to enrol Ahlam on an evening course at Kingston College which she attends twice a week. As a result, she has built her confidence in spoken English and improved her written English skills too. 

Once her youngest son goes to nursery in September, Ahlam will be able to apply for a part-time nursery assistant role in the local area.

Walton Charity Delegated Funds are awarded to local partners like Elmbridge CAN who work directly with people and families in Elmbridge. They can be used flexibly to help individuals and families find a route out of poverty.